Antarctic Diary, 2002

Ice people October
16 November
Nowhere 17 November
Mandatory Coursework 19 November
Meat 21 November
And then there was light 22 November
Pack animal 23 November
Silent before the echoes 24 November
Sling load 25 November
Cold 26 November
Blue ice on another planet 27 November
All warthogs are from hell 28 November
The ring around the sun 29 November
In the giant's house 30 November
Three glaciers 1 December
Life in the field, Antarctica 1 December
The plateau 3 December
Remembrance of places distant 4 December
Harsh continent 5 December
Miami 6 December
Welcome to my blistering Antarctic hangover 7 December
What have I done with my life? 9 December
Shut up, I'm dreaming 10 December
No more negotiation 11 December
Stories 12 December
I will find a God 13 December

2002 Photographs
background: Canada Glacier / Lake Hoare from Andrew's Ridge